Balcombe stretches from the famous Ouse viaduct in the South up to the forest ridges in the North and West, and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. This village of 600 houses, some very old, lies conveniently on the London to Brighton railway line, and is close to Gatwick airport. With its wide range of facilities, clubs and associations, Balcombe is well managed by a forward thinking Parish Council.

Free Announcements


Victory Hall Film Shows

The Management Committee of the Victory Hall is very pleased to announce that the next film to be screened at the Hall will be the award winning drama “Belle”. The film stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Matthew Goode, and Emma Watson.

This screening will be Friday 19th December starting at 7.30 PM.

The running time will be 104 minutes, with an interval for refreshments mid-way through. The screening will again be provided by the same professional “touring cinema” company, and the layout for the showing will be the usual “cafe style”.

Tickets for this film will be £6.00. As usual, these can be purchased in advance from Threads. Demand is expected to be high – so please book early!

Please note that this film is rated 12A

Dates for your Diary! Our next film will be Friday 16th January: What we did on our holidays

  More details from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pilates classes

I am a Body Control Pilates certified teacher and run small classes to allow individual supervision and support. Enjoy a balanced mind-body workout. Improve posture, core stability. Feel lengthened, toned and more flexible. Increase body awareness. Improve joint health, strength and mobility. Re-educate your body to help prevent damage to joints and avoid injury. Relax and reduce tension.
Classes start in early November on Mondays from 10 to 11am.
£48 for a 6 week block.
Contact Karen Clark on 07903 651 356
Visit for more information

Summer fete photos

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dsc_1138 small dsc_1138 small




Please visit the Balcombe Parish Council website for more details.


Hoops and Signals

Book 119 Image

The story of former Balcombe resident Thomas Ireland, signalman and barrel hoop maker.
Written by his great grandson John Ireland, based on his father's journal and diaries.
Click on the image for more information on the publisher website.

Support your local newspaper

You can receive free headlines from the Mid Sussex Times
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Times are hard for the Times: Use it or lose it

Faster Broadband for Balcombe

Lindifeld now has superfast broadband but BT say they will only install it in Balcombe if there is sufficient demand. Visit their website to register your interest.

In addition, you can also register interest at the WSCC website

Stranger and Stranger

A new book by local resident Robert McMullen

The true story of an unlikely encounter in the
extraordinary life of a young man diagnosed with M.E.

For more details, visit the website.

Watercolour Painting Classes

These will be held in the Victory Hall
from 10am to 12 noon from Wednesday 28th September.
£12 for 2 hours
For more details, ring Esther on 077 3603 5434

Child Minding

There is a need for childcare in the village for those parents who work or want to work. Would residents be interested in a web page where they could see if there was anyone who wanted to share care or anyone who had spaces could let people know?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Email an administrator if you would like to make an announcement.


Neighbourhood Watch


Horse box theft

Please can I make you aware of a 7.5 tonne horse/livestock goods vehicle that was stolen from a property on Brantridge Lane, Balcombe between 16:00 on 20/10/14 and 08:10 on 21/10/14. A trailer was also taken but found abandoned nearby.

 If anyone has any information that might assist with our enquiries please contact us quoting 0261 of 21/10/14.

 Many thanks
 PCSO Jayne Milne

Haywards Heath Police Station

Voicemail: 101 ext 21901

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @hheath_police

Please do not reply to this email to report crimes or incidents…Contact us online or call101 when it's less urgent than 999


Click here to visit Balcombe Village Neighbourhood Watch

Balcombe History Society


Dates for your diaries: Tuesday 16th September

“The History of Cricket in Balcombe” – Albert Constable, ardent cricketer and retired Estate Manager, will give us an insight into the history of the village club, and where Balcombe cricket began. This will be held at the Victory Hall, starting at 8pm.

Balcombe Village Market

Crafts, gifts and local produce for
sale in the Victory Hall plus Forest Room from
10am to 2pm on 25th October.
Tombola andrefreshments.
Free entry.
New stallholders each month.

Stalls available for £18. Free stalls outside
(Charity donation to St Catherine's Hospice)

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on
01444 811462

balcombe village market009




Then come along to the Bowls Club House after 4.30 pm (by the Recreation Ground), all ages are made very welcome and we have spare bowls for you to give it a go, the only thing we will need is dry weather!!


Look at our club page on this site for further details.

Care to make a comment about the state of Balcombe Railway Station?

This follow-up email to Souther Railway was recently sent by local resident Cleo Ioakimidi ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Dear Ms Syeda,

As you only partly responded to my e-mail, I am repeating it below with additional comments.

It seems that Southern is not taking this seriously.
I assure you that your customers are very seriously affected by Southern's lack of concern.

1. New waiting room.

A new waiting room was commissioned on platform 1 of the station in 2013. There have been problems with the door operation from the start, resulting in the door being locked for long periods of time, including the period before, during and after Christmas last year. The door mechanism was removed in January/ February this year and the waiting room was operational for a while with the door left open. The door mechanism was repaired before the summer, but started malfunctioning again in late August/ early September. It stopped working altogether in late September.

I reported this to Southern Customer Services on 25/9 and again 7/10. They assured me that they would escalate the matter to the station manager.

The station attendant, however, knew nothing about it on 14/10. She assured me that she would pass it on to maintenance.

A different station attendant on 16/10 again didn’t know anything about it.

Can you please ensure that the door to new the waiting room is repaired asap. In the meantime, please allow the customers into the waiting room even if it has to be operated with the door open as it was earlier in the year.

You have not responded to this point. The door to the waiting room was briefly operational last week, but as it is very temperamental, customers have been reluctant to enter the waiting room for fear of being trapped inside.

This issue remains unresolved.


2.       Old waiting room

There is an old waiting room on platform 1. It is an unheated small room that can accommodate 8-10 people, half of them standing. However, since the new waiting room was commissioned, the old waiting room seems to have been abandoned, with no effort being made to clean it or maintain it in any way. There is a layer of dust on everything, the floor is filthy, and it is full of mosquitoes, midges, spider webs etc.

Can you please ensure that the old waiting room is cleaned regularly and remains bug free.

You have not responded to this point. The old waiting room is still filthy.

This issue remains unresolved.

3.       Ticket machine

A new ticket machine was also installed in 2013 on platform 1. The machine is not sheltered. Customers have to queue in the rain to purchase tickets. In addition, it is not very reliable, with the touch screen often not working or the screen freezing. Occasionally it runs out of paper, resulting in it taking payment but not printing any tickets. It doesn’t look like it is being maintained properly.

Can you please ensure that some shelter is provided above the ticket machine.

To clarify this point: there is a shelter above the ticket machine, but it's only protecting the machine itself, providing little shelter for the customers purchasing a ticket (and certainly not for the queueing customers). From your response am I to deduce that Southern will not consider providing some additional shelter over the ticket machine?

This issue remains unresolved.

4.       Permit to travel machine

There is a permit to travel machine at the station. It also is poorly maintained, resulting in it not working half the time either because it has run out of paper, or because it is too full of coins to accept any more, or because a coin is stuck in the slot. When I complained about it earlier in the year I received a letter back from Customer Services stating that the permit to travel machine has been taken out of commission because the ticket machine is operational. That is clearly not correct: the permit to travel machine is still there issuing permit to travel tickets some of the time. If it is not operational it should be removed.

Can you please ensure that the permit to travel machine is (officially) recommissioned and both it and the ticket machine are maintained properly.

You have not responded to this point.

This issue remains unresolved.

5.       Ticket office

The ticket office is advertised to be open from 6.10 (on the sign at the entrance) in the morning. However, since the beginning of this year and up to last week it is has been unattended early in the morning (I catch the 6:36 train on Tuedays and Thursdays), resulting in the ticket machine or the (apparently decommissioned) permit to travel machine being the only options for buying tickets.

Can you please ensure that the ticket office is attended early in the morning, as advertised.

The ticket office is not "sometimes" closed early in the morning. It has only been open early in the morning on Tuesday or Thursday on 3-5 occasions since the beginning of this year and up to two weeks ago. It was open on the 14th, 16th and 21st of October, but closed on the 23rd. You advised that an effort will be made to open the ticket office at 6:30 in the morning. The advertised opening time is 6:10. 6:30 is too late for customers to buy tickets for the 6:36 train. This issue remains unresolved as far as I am concerned.


Cleo Ioakimidi

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